Friday, January 21, 2011

That..........Tranny boy!?: Gotti

unpublished writing by a youth from Larkin Street Youth Services
*typos and capitalization are [sic]


I would say after three years of becoming acquainted with the "gay world" I found myself becoming one of those "over-relationships-gays" because of the past three unsuccessful relationships I'd had. I wish I could give more of an explanation other than all three of them cheated on me and cared nothing of my interests except my interest and weakness for I put intimate romance on the bottom of the totem pole.

After a year I managed to shun men completely because it was obvious to me there were no men around who could provoke and stir feelings of magnetism. So one day after having a very stressful thirty minutes of "job searching".........I spent the rest of that day smoking weed and writing in my sketchbooks at Glen Park and just like a "pot-head" who gets too high...I passed out... into a coma. When I finally opened my eyes there was this red-headed boy with a red beard sitting on the bench next to me reading through my sketch-books!?! I jumped up irate and purely pissed demanding to know why he was reading my "shit". "your very hard to miss passed out on a beach with hot pink vans on during the middle of the day" he said, and at that point I couldn't even respond just look at him in complete surreal awe, but as I was transfixed I relaized just how handsome he was.....his eyes were so angelic with their green glow and his lips were pink as BUBBLE GUM. "anyway" he continued...."since you decide to be a sitting duck from some of San Francisco's not-so gentleman like characters. I took it upon myself to be your body guard and watch out for your payment requirement just a look into your soul...which by the way is so beautifully tortured" he was talking about my sketchbooks and as soon as he said heart did something it had not done in an entire was pounding immensely. Hist personality was scary to me because it reeked of empathy. And his cool way of expressing himself so elegant I thought I was on some new "trip" off weed. "It takes someone with a special kind of heart to write about the things you do" I couldn't believe what I was heard and I was falling so hard in love right there on that Glen park bench. He got up and said "my name is Ashton" Isaac" I say a little dryly." well Isaac I'll be on my way...try not to pass out on benches in parks, you're not in Kansas anymore they will think your some tweaked out little Twinkie who can't stay sober for longer than three minutes". I couldn't stop thinking to myself..."what the fuck kind of movie scene shit is this" as he was walking away I couldn't let my new found preince go without at least getting his number... this guy who had me swooning like a little bitch "DUDE!!!...ASHTON.....CAN I GET YOUR NUMBER!?" as he walked away he said "my cell number is on the napkin inside your book" he winked and kept walking. I pulled out a Starbucks napkin and on the piece of napkin it read

TO: The streange "Emo" boy I watched sleep on the Bench at Glen Park......Because he looked so damn cute with his face shoved in a sketchbook"

FROM: The Red-Head "tyranny" boy

I looked up and my mouth dropped....that sexy ass, green eyed Spartan was...............a tyranny boy!? All of that what I was feeling that day was sparked by.."That tranny Boy!!!!???"

I mean I was thinking how significant is a dick anyway? It gets in the way when you try to sleep on your stomach, it has a mind of its own when you can't control your hormones any longer, and too much emphasis is placed on its size and girth.....all I knew was Ashton the red-head tranny boy opened my eyes to an entirely different realm of feeling....I was excited and it was because of Ashton I accepted all tranny boys as real boys and why i love them so much. Because of ................................."That Tranny Boy"




  1. OMG, Gotti this made me tear...because it touched me so deeply. I am an "emo" boy because of all the shit tht I have been through, and yes I gave up on men also...and struggle everyday to find that someone who understands and listens to me. And now I want to meet Ashton because yeah who needs a dick! All I ever wanted is for someone to hear my story and fill in what I have been missing all this time! Man in tears I tell you...Thank you!

  2. thankyou for taking the time to read my article, and i feel honored that you see eye to eye with me. sorry for the very delayed response!