Friday, January 21, 2011

A Melody: Samone Marshalek

unpublished poem by a youth from Larkin Street Youth Services
*typos and capitalization are [sic]

You kept returning to me
like a melody.
When clueless strained my eyes
your love would eclipse mine.
Thin rashes on my skin slowly broke my purity
but then your anchor saved me
from a long line in the sea.
You're my element of abundance
unthreading the bad.
I accuse you from stealing my heart
from all thoughts tainted rushes.
Like that melody
there's elegance with you singing
of a finer place.
You know how to make me angry
for your hands.
Its almost as if you casted a spell
grasping my mind through your world.
It's your power of the rapid sea
floating over my ambitions
that I can't control.
I detected the salt in the ocean
like I detected how open you are for me.
I thought I was polluted
with false eternities
but you found the nuthing and made it into somthing.
When I start to gravitate with the fears tucked under the blanket
you always pull me from under the water.
Your waves are so hard to resist
that every castle I build
calaspes into a sandy pile of laughs.
what a melody you play.

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