Thursday, November 18, 2010

Introduction to the Online Exhibit

This exhibit is designed to inspire creativity and an active response to the issues presented in this project. It intends to be interactive and to leave visitors feeling like they have a valuable voice that can continue the conversation begun in the exhibit.

To this aim, this exhibit lifts up the voices (through Magazine excerpts, oral history and additional historical reference materials) that seek to provoke, uncover lost or forgotten voices or are particularly creative.

The materials in this exhibit come from the original Vanguard participants (1969-1971) and a contemporary group of queer street youth (2010-2011) who live in the same Tenderloin District of San Francisco. The third component of this exhibit is your voice. This exhibit will continue to add the thoughts, voices, art work and comments of visitors as is appropriate.

We believe that history is alive, that it is not only about capturing sights, sounds and tales of the past, but it is also the story and effect that it has on the lives of those who are inspired, repulsed or bored by it. Thank you for being a part of this history.

Since the exhibit is based around themes, rather than a chronological history, you may want to read A (Brief) History of Vanguard by Joey Plaster (2011) before viewing the exhibit.

Loneliness & Community
Poverty & Social Stigma
Drug Use & Sex Work
Sexuality & Gender
Mental Health
Queer Theology

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